The Cartwright Family Saga

The Woman Who Found Herself

2003. Cathy’s husband, John, gives her an ultimatum: him or her lover. She knows who she should choose, but Richard is not someone you cross. To help, John suggests moving the family to France. She agrees, hoping that a new life abroad will break the spell cast by her lover. Perhaps, but what other cans is she opening?

1943. An unknown assassin kills Esther. Her ghost is waiting in the house to tell her story. She draws the visitors into wartime Périgord — a region split by the demarcation line between occupied and Free France. She fought the English spy for the heart of the resistance fighter. Will her reincarnation do the same?

Separated by over half a century, two stories unfold, revealing disturbing parallels. Will Cathy identify her previous incarnation? Will she learn the truth about Esther’s murder?

Death does not close the book — it only turns the page.

ISBN 978-2-9589454-0-4